Label Art

It would be difficult to throw a stone in Portland, ME (where I live, work and play) and not hit someone talking about the latest juice bomb double IPA, or a bearded former mechanic turned brewer looking to bring their hobby to a brick and mortar near you. So it should come as no surprise that I’ve worked with a number of friends and clients who spend their time perfecting fermented, psychoactive beverages and swirling chalaces of sinisterly hued, hoppy goodness. From ink on paper to can, here’s a few recent collaborations with clients in Maine and Vermont, arguably the two best places to get a good beer.

Belleflower Brewing Company  -  Big Brayer Hoppy Session Ale
Portland, ME

Brewed specially for the 2022 RWS Steamy Summer Print Jam

Austin Street Brewery  -  Offset DIPA
Portland, ME

Foam Brewers - Multitude of Drops DIPA
Burlington, VT

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