Running With Scissors Art Studios

In 2015 I was hired as an assistant to help establish the print shop at Running With Scissors Art Studios, located in East Bayside, Portland, ME. A year later I was promoted to the newly created position of print shop manager, a title I’ve held since. For the past six years I’ve managed all aspects of the print shop (as of 2019, the wood shop as well). I’ve worked closely with co-managers in the clay center and the director to acquire new euipment, create membership infratructure, establish shop protocols, increase public engagement and educate and train members. 

In 2019 Studio Shappy was hired independently for a complete rebranding of RWS. The project included a series of modular marks representing each department, a new logo, typography selections, color palette, membership pamphlets, business cards, t-shirts, event posters and more.

Steamy Summer Print Jam

In an effort to bridge a gap in art related community events and help highlight greater Portland’s abundance of printmakers and print based artists, in 2017 I initiated the RWS Steamy Summer Print Jam. The event, which features food trucks, live music, pop up art galleries and more, is built around the collaborative printing of up to a dozen artist-made, giant woodblocks. The woodblocks are inked and printed outdoors on small wooden platens and a 3-ton asphalt roller.

For the events second year, due to growing neighborhood interest, the East Bayside Block Party was established in conjunction with Print Jam. The block party showcases a variety of food, music, art and beverage related programming throughout Portland’s East Bayside neighborhood. Print Jam has since become a staple of Portland’s summer event season. 

2022 Event Branding

2019 Event Branding

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