Big Tree Hospitality is the name behind some of Portland, Maine’s most beloved food institutions. They are responsible for a deli, beach market, corner store, and several restaurants across Southern Maine and Boston. I’ve spent countless evenings slurping an array of classic, varietal noodle dishes, succulent morsels of skewer meat and strong cocktails at their Asian inspired kitchen The Honey Paw—and perhaps as many evenings tossing back briny, delicate oysters, melt-in-your-mouth crudos, and steam bun, brown butter lobster rolls at their near world famous Eventide. 
Thus, the task was not taken lightly when their team approached me to design and illustrate a special line of hoodies and sweatshirts for employee appreciation gifts. The resulting illustration is inspired by a cornucopia of beloved tools and ingredients as seen in the well-oiled kitchen (aka the compound) that runs the length of what seems like the entirety of middle st. in Portland. This, accented with a DIY punk poster, Kitchen Confidential visual twist, is my chefs kiss to honor the hardworking folks— BOH, FOH and beyond—that make Big Tree the revered and  sought after producers of delicious foods that they are.

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