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Viscosity Monotypes & Essential Shapes

This on-going series of works revolves around the fractal viscous fingering patterns produced when a liquid (or rather gas) of high viscosity (in this case air) is mixed under high pressure with a lower viscosity liquid (ink). I’ve always been interested in the idea of the fractal, not just as an abstract, mathematical expression, but a methodological and visual one as well. How do I create a body of work that’s devised from a fractal-like process? Coincidentally, these works, which sprout from a random discovery at the printing press, encapsulate both the ubiquity of fractals as represented throughout our world, and in the way we perceive that world, the way we think, and in my view, the way we make art. This body of work consists of a unique form of printing developed at Studio Shappy. The resulting prints I’ve termed viscosity monotypes. From these prints come a variety of analog and digital art objects of hand drafted, found, and generated origins. The work, mirroring the properties of it’s visual content, has become a self-generative, and recursive whole of parts.

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